project posted:

The electronic tensioner Hercules is suitable to use thick wires (both copper and aluminium).

Tension during coiling is given adjusting two independent electric brakes. This solution allows to increase, decrease or exclude the tension on each brake.

Thanks to the two brakes and the return pulleys, wire’s passage does not create tight corners, an indispensable condition for coiling with thick wires.

Main features:

¨ Unlocking brake with two independent push-buttons, which is essential for the positioning of the wire.

¨ Load cell, electronics control and a LCD display used to display the tension constantly during the coiling process.

¨ Simple installation on round pole (30 or 50mm diameter) thanks to the special clamps made of plastic material.

For the direct installation on the winding machine, it is essential to use the pneumatic rod that allows to absorb the stress due to the positioning of the wire on the coil during winding.

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